Monday, December 15, 2008

9,000 and Climbing

We're making excellent progress with our Gaylord Hotels Music City Bowl ticket sale. In round numbers we are at about 9,000 tickets when we factor in our needed tickets for the marching band, team families and a few other internal personnel. We've still got a ways to go to hit our VU quota of 14,000 and we want to exceed that significantly to be a great partner.

There are a lot of projects toward that end. Wednesday night we will telephone all of our football season ticket holders (or as many as we can reach during a reasonable hour!) to be sure they are set.

We are also working on a big outreach with Vanderbilt alum and Nashville sports talk icon George Plaster. Few people can match George's enthusiasm and expertise in generating momentum toward a project, just as the Charles Davis Foundation or our Nashville Predators. We'll get specifics out as they are known but the target date is a week from Tuesday, the 23rd.

If you've been waiting for the bandwagon over the years, the time to act is now. Especially for those of you close enough to easily get to LP Field, don't be planning a block party or a trip to the sports bar. We need you live and in person - come join us and have some fun!

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