Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Video: Who needs game tape?

by Barca Blog - As you know from previous entries in the blog, my office has always been a train wreck... at least, that's what my daughter calls it.

So... Since it's a new athletic year, I am going to start on the left foot by reorganizing my office. I tried to get HGTV over here to do a feature on it, but they declined. So the next option was intern Travis and well, he couldn't say no (it was specifically written into his contract).

Anyway, while cleaning up my work space, we came across several items that had been stashed away for years. Who said VHS was dead?

Watch the clip below courtesy of Brayburn's award-winning documentary.

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  1. Your video mentioned that you would send game tape if we included our name and address in the comment section. Was that for real? If so, I am looking for football footage from 2000.