Friday, September 4, 2009

Video: Preparing Dudley Field

By Travis Young - As the clock continues to tick closer to the 2009 home opener vs. Western Carolina, I met up with Bill Randles, the manager of Sports Turf and Facilities for Vanderbilt University, to find out the process of how his staff prepares for game week.

In the interview, Randels addresses topics on mowing, painting and stenciling the endzones. He later explained that Dudley Field is a mixture of bermudagrass and ryegrass. The annual ryegrasses are used for temporary grass cover during the fall and winter months in the south and protects the soil from erosion while keeping the field a green color during the winter months when the bermudagrass goes dormant. Both Hawkins Field and Dudley Field are made up of this combination.

Watch below:

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