Friday, September 4, 2009

Licensed Commodore Merchandise

by Rocket - For all of you Commodore fans that can recall the days when looking for good looking Vanderbilt gifts meant a long and frustrating search, there is good news.

More and more major retail outlets are carrying quality Vanderbilt products. Most of the Metro area Cracker Barrel stores are carrying a very nice line of Commodore merchandise. The same is true for the West End Walgreens and I'm told Costco can help solve your Black and Gold itch.

Our Vanderbilt Bookstore, of course, carries the deepest line of merchandise but its not always convenient to get on campus. That's why we are so appreciative of these quality outside merchants getting involved.

OK, Commodore fans, let's respond favorably! Step #1 is to stop by these stores and buy something Vanderbilt. Step #2 would be to make a point to ask for the manager or at the very least tell the sales clerk how much you appreciate seeing the good Vanderbilt gear in their store.

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