Sunday, August 23, 2009

Star search

by Barca Blog - A little paint can go a long way.

While the most visible upgrades to Vanderbilt stadium can be seen at the entrances, touch up work has also been done to other areas of the venue.

Here's a photo of the changes to the inside of the football tunnel in the south end zone. Gone- the old Vanderbilt V logos with script after a new coat of paint on the walls. Added- a couple of the Commodores official logo, the Star V.

Check back this week for some updated photos of the renovations at Gate 2 and Gate 3 of the stadium.


  1. Are they going to repaint the Stars on the sidewalks leading into the stadium?

  2. And the crosswalk looks awful! Please tell me that they are going to do something about that. I mean, it is called STAR walk...