Friday, August 14, 2009

My lips are sealed

by Barca Blog - It's officially been one week since Vanderbilt opened camp and the big question about who will start at quarterback can be summed up by three letters: TBD.

Head coach Bobby Johnson hasn't tipped his hand to the press so far (nor did we expect him to at this point), explaining that it's an open competition. Johnson has been asked several times throughout the week about how the QB's have performed, but has opted not to reveal if there's been any separation between the group.

"I'm pleased with Larry (Smith), I'm pleased with Mackenzi (Adams), I'm pleased with Jared Funk, I'm pleased with Charlie Goro, and Matt Casas," the head coach said. "We're just trying to put things in and see everybody execute."

I don't have any problems with his reasoning. If you don't have a clear cut favorite to start camp, then make them earn it. That's what it's for. Healthy competition is good. There's a long layover between spring and fall practice, so rather than jumping the gun, give them the reps to find out (a) who put in the work over the summer and (b) who is the best option to lead this offense. No reason to rush the decision process.

One thing's for sure... each signal caller will need to be ready no matter what the depth chart looks like heading into the Western Carolina opener on September 5. Three different quarterbacks have taken snaps in each of the Commodores previous three seasons.

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