Friday, July 2, 2010

Stallings summer quotes

by Barca Blog

Head coach Kevin Stallings spoke with media during the annual SEC men's basketball summer teleconference earlier this week. Read below to find out what he had to say about the upcoming season.

Opening comments:
"We're looking forward to the year. Now is the time for them to be getting better as individuals. We're excited about the guys we have coming back. We know we lost a couple of significant players, but we're looking forward to the year. We think we have the makings of a good team, and hopefully it will play out that way."

On the difficulty of replacing a veteran point guard and post player:
"I think what you hope to do is have them replaced, so you don't have to replace them with freshman. We have some guys in waiting that we think can play and be effective, and hopefully that's what will happen.

"Brad Tinsley's been in our program for two years. We think he's a very capable point guard. He's played the 2 for us mostly, but we think he has a chance to be a very good point guard. Festus (Ezeli) has been in our program for three years now, so hopefully he can alleviate some of the loss of A.J. (Ogilvy)."

On Jeff Taylor as an NBA prospect:
"Jeff's a very good player, and very, very good NBA prospect. It would not surprise us at all if this were Jeff's last year in our program because I think he's that well thought of, and deservedly so.

On SEC Tournament basketball seeding structure:
"I was fairly neutral (on the topic at the SEC spring meetings), and honestly didn't think it was that big of a deal. I would have been okay if we had done it, and also okay not doing it.

"We really just had more discussion about the SEC Tournament than we did about anything else. We weren't really talking about eliminating divisions or anything like that. I think those of us in the East, even though we know what a brutal proposition it is night in and night out in the league, we enjoy being in what we feel like is the toughest division in college basketball."

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