Friday, July 23, 2010

Chopper moves air conditioner on McGugin Center roof

By Ryan Schulz

As anyone who has driven down Jess Neely Drive since April already knows, Vanderbilt’s McGugin Center is in the midst of a major renovation to the football offices and academic center. With the calendar about to turn to August, the renovations are nearing completion.

Around 6:30 a.m. Tuesday, construction crews took another step toward completing the project when they brought in a helicopter to relocate a five-ton air conditioning unit from one side of the roof to another.

Lacey Ballard from our video staff captured the footage of the move.


  1. That was great. Not. Thanks Schulz. Go back to writing the Peanuts comic strips Charlie Brown.

  2. Not sure of the excitement level for a project of this nature as it relates to college football.

    That said, could be interesting from the viewpoint that one does not often see a 5 ton air air conditioner unit relocated by a helicopter.

    The story would be greatly enhanced, however, with a close-up view of the transition and a much slower speed video.