Thursday, March 18, 2010

Wednesday's photos from San Jose

by Barca Blog

It was an action-packed day in San Jose on Wednesday.

The Commodores got their first look at HP Pavilion, the site of Thursday's NCAA first round tilt with Murray State. Like the other seven teams in town, Vanderbilt had 40 minutes to test out the rims in an open practice session for fans. The team went through their normal practice routine at another site earlier in the day. 


Also, reporters from across the country blitzed coaches and players with every question known to man. Even senior manager Sam Ferry had a media request (as you'll see in the gallery).

It was good to see some Nashville media representatives in attendance... shout out to Paul Jones and Dan Phillips from Fox17, the only television station from Middle Tennessee to make the trek out west.

On the celeb watch, Schulzie spotted former Sportscenter anchor Larry Beil in the house. No relation to Jermaine or Jessica. Beil works for a television station in nearby San Francisco.

On sightseeing, I was lucky enough to spend part of the night with my relatives in Santa Cruz. We had a fun family gathering on the beach. They opened my eyes to the California artichoke (which I devoured). If you haven't seen one before, it's as big as a Bloomin' Onion except it's an artichoke. Nice sales job, eh?

Finally, Doubletree cookies live up to the hype. The first time. The second time. The third time... (Don't blame me, they're complimentary).

Alright... On three, break.


  1. hey man, im a huge commadore fan and i live in santa cruz also. its great to see vanderbilt visit here. im moving out this summer to go to school there, cant wait for the transition from santa cruz to nashville. go dores!

  2. Great photos!

    Just a little curiosity, though (that was mentioned on the Murray State forum at Why did the scoreboard say Murray State vs. Butler all day? You can see it on that wonderful main photo here. Seems a bit insulting to Vanderbilt and UTEP.

    No big deal, of course, but as scripted as all the off-court stuff is by the NCAA, just strikes me as odd.

  3. Great photos. I think Justin Wheeler is in the last photo with the student managers?? It would be cool to see an interview with him about what motivated him to become a basketball student manager after his football playing days were over. Pretty unique to go from catching a winning TD pass against Auburn to basketball student manager. Might be an interesting story there.