Saturday, March 20, 2010

WBB in Cincy: Montgomery Inn

By Weinman

The team arrived in Cincinnati around 8 p.m. on Friday night and headed straight to the Montgomery Inn for dinner. Montgomery Inn was one of Coach Balcomb's favorite restaurants when she was at Xavier, and I certainly can't argue with her taste after eating there.

Billed as "home of the world's greatest ribs," Montgomery Inn is owned by the family of VU women's soccer player Margaux Andrews. Margaux's grandparents, Matula and Ted Gregory, opened the institution in 1951 and the four current locations are still family owned and operated. Marguax's parents, Terry and Evan, dropped in to say hello and wish the Commodores luck this week. Evan told the team of his restaurant's history of success with visiting sports teams -- in his words, "We don't serve losers." The couple also posed for a photo with Strength and Conditioning Coach Tasha Weddle, who mentors both the basketball and soccer teams.

For dinner, I went with the ribs and shrimp combination. The ribs had a great rub on them with just the right amount of sauce and the fried shrimp were served with their own dipping sauce that was also outstanding. Most folks topped off their meals with a Graeters ice cream sundae, and I couldn't help but be overindulgent as well. Try the raspberry chocolate chip with hot fudge if you get a chance.

I took a handful of pictures at the restaurant, available here ( Photo Gallery). I have a couple meetings in the morning, then the team arrives at the arena for media availability at 11:20 a.m. followed by a one-hour shootaround. More tomorrow!

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