Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Video: Beal Reel

by Barca Blog - As we edge closer to the first exhibition game.... Aaron (from our office) has put together highlight videos of some of the returning men's basketball players.

First up... senior guard Jermaine Beal.

Check back for more videos over the next two weeks. A remember, season tickets are still available -- Order Online


  1. Its your year Dolla Beal!!!

  2. jermaine is the last of the group that turned the corner for the dores to a good program to one with no limitations. the school and fans are forever in debt for this. as a player is a example of class as a student he is at the top. he is by far the most underrated pg in the country. go dores!

  3. yes, someone is getting too much credit. If you are almost 7 feet tall and you get the ball down low it should go in 99 percent of the time if you can protect the ball from slap aways. It isn't one player's team. They won without him more than once.