Tuesday, October 6, 2009

How to watch the Army game

by Barca Blog - The Vanderbilt-Army game on Saturday (11 a.m. CT) will be available to Commodore fans with access to either DirecTV and Dish Network.

The game, broadcast by the CBS College Sports Network, will be shown on channel 613 on DirecTV and channel 152 on Dish Network. It will not available to Comcast subscribers in Middle Tennessee.

CBS College Sports will also offer the game via online pay-per-view for $14.95 in All Access.


  1. It's also available on FiOS TV in Verizon areas.

  2. Why is not available on Comcast in Tennessee? I'll get it on Comcast in Utah via the sports package.

  3. when i went to http://www.comcast.com/ ... i searched middle tennessee zip codes and the digital sports package did not include CBS College Sports... i searched a salt lake city, utah zip code, too, and the CBS College Sports channel did show up. so for whatever reason, i guess it's not in the nashville package based from what i searched online. if anyone knows other info, please let us know.