Monday, October 26, 2009

Upon further review...

by Barca Blog - During Monday's session with the press, head coach Bobby Johnson weighed in on two crucial calls (both of which were reviewed by the replay booth) that went against the Commodores in Saturday's 14-10 loss to South Carolina.

Play No. 1: Patrick Benoist recovered Kenny Miles' fumble inside South Carolina's 15-yard line on the opening drive of the game, but officials ruled after replay that Miles was down before he lost the ball.

"The fumble is hard to tell," Johnson said, "but it was ruled a fumble, and if you have to have conclusive evidence (to overturn it), I don't think it was there."

Play No. 2: D.L. Moore's 35-yard TD reception in the second quarter was in question after he juggled the ball while trying to get a foot down in the end zone. Officials upheld the touchdown call to give the Gamecocks a 7-0 lead.

"The touchdown was even clearer in my opinion," Johnson added. "In my opinion, his foot was clearly on the line after he bobbled the ball. He had possession and his left foot was in the air and his right foot came down on the line."

Johnson made it clear that he supports the current method of review, but plans to contact Rogers Redding, SEC Coordinator of Officials, on Monday to discuss the plays -- a normal procedure by coaches following each game.

For a full transcript of the press conference,
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