Monday, October 12, 2009

Players of the Game - Army

by Barca Blog - Each week during the season, Vanderbilt's football staff recognizes outstanding player performances on the gridiron. Here's the list of honorees for the Army game:

Offensive Player of the Game
QB Larry Smith

Defensive Player of the Game
S Joel Caldwell

Specialist of the Game
K Ryan Fowler
RB Warren Norman


  1. Larry Smith? 11-24, 2 picks, 0 TDs...not sure how that constitutes offensive player of the game.

  2. Ditto. Larry Smith??? Surely you jest. If it weren't for some absolutely lucky completions on busted plays in the 4th quarter, he wouldn't have had double figures in completions, let alone his final yardage figures. If he's the best there is on offense, then the football team is running backwards, which, by the way our kick returners did on 2 occasions Saturday.