Saturday, November 21, 2009

Name of the game

by Barca Blog - A win is a win no matter how it's achieved.

Head coach Kevin Stallings pointed out that his team struggled in several areas against Saint Mary's Friday night-- missed free throws down the stretch, rebounding, and interior defense -- but still played hard enough to do something only two other teams have done in the last two years -- win at McKeon Pavilion.

And when March rolls around, the Commodores' 72-70 victory over the Gaels in Moraga can only help their resume for postseason play.

"This is just my opinion," Stallings remarked, "but at the end of the season, this (win) is going to look really good because I believe that St. Mary's, maybe aside from Gonzaga, will be as good or better than anybody in their league. We feel really fortunate to win this game. They’ve got a really nice club.”


  1. That was a quality win. Hope you guys got to see the "MORAGA <3's THE DORES" up above the student section. GREAT turnout for the SF Vanderbilt Club and massive thanks to Casey Sproul '06 for hosting us!

  2. Jeffery played a great game but he wasn't the only one out there and his 19 points would not have won the game had others not been there. They all deserve recognition.One man doesn't make the show. Head coaches what about your assistants are they any help to you?`