Monday, January 5, 2009

Stallings discusses Graham's return

During Monday afternoon's press conference at Memorial Gym, Head Coach Kevin Stallings talked about Jamie Graham's return to basketball practice:

“We’re getting him a month later than we got him last year, and all for great reasons. I’m thrilled about them going to the bowl game and thrilled about them winning. We’ll have to put our patient hat on because today will be his first practice.

“Last year it took us a couple of months before we got him ready to play, and if it takes that long again, then obviously, people are going to have to be patient that."

“When he came out last year, I didn’t even think he would play. I was just doing Bobby (Johnson) a favor. Then I realized he’s a good player. So we’ll see how long it takes him to get familiar with what’s going on."

“He’s a tough guy that plays real hard every day. He has a great attitude and is great in the locker room and a great guy to be around.”

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