Thursday, January 22, 2009

Mascot Basketball video

I loaded in some footage of Sunday's mascot basketball game (sponsored by Noshville Deli), which took place during halftime of the women's matchup with LSU.

A few thoughts...

Best Entrance: Watch the 1:00 mark for Pint Man, the 6'7" Lactose legend, from Purity Dairy. He's pregame enthusiasm ranks right up there with Ray Lewis.

Upon Further Review: Screech from Best One Tire snuck a wrench into the game and wreaked some havoc on the Black team. The ref must have been distracted, because no one saw his attack coming. I wonder if he had brass knucks or a steel chair in the tire as well. We'll find out in the next few days if the Mascot Union gives the tire a hefty suspension for using an illegal object.

Best Moment: Check out Ozzie (Nashville Sounds) at the 3:50 mark. Ozzie almost hit a behind-the-back shot from half court. That had ESPN Top 10 written all over it.

MVP: I've got to give it to the Noshville Pickle. The Pickle was all over the boards and played some tenacious D... and also hit the game-winner on a fadeaway jumper off the glass to to lift the Black Team to a 4-3 victory over Gold (even though the video says the Gold Team won 3-2). Champ (Vanderbilt Children's Hospital) had the other basket for Black, while Gnash (Nashville Predators) showed off his long-range skills by nailing a three-pointer for Gold's only points.

Watch video of the entire game below:

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