Monday, January 26, 2009

Heeere's Johnny

Here's a video of the day. Sure, the clip has been around for awhile, but it came to mind after renting Tropic Thunder on Saturday, which also has a few movie trailer spoofs in it.

I love this video because it's a prime example of how studios seem to take the same vanilla formula to promote their flicks, almost mocking the consumer's intelligence. At the start, you quickly develop the character attachment ("Meet Jack Torrance.. He's a writer looking for inspiration.") using some really overdone instrumental music. Top it off with a heart-tugging Peter Gabriel track over a montage of clips, and you turn one of the scariest movies of all-time into the feel-good movie of the year.

(By the way, Tropic had some good laughs that were mostly centered on Hollywood actors as well as war movies. Tom Cruise pretty much stole the show in his surprise supporting role.)

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