Saturday, May 1, 2010

Saturday baseball weather update

by Barca Blog

Nashville has been hit by severe thunderstorms this morning with a high percentage to continue throughout the day and night.

What does this mean for tonight's baseball game against Georgia (6 p.m. CT)?

You can expect both teams will wait and see what the conditions look like around game time and decide accordingly. The SEC rulebook states that the contest must start by 10 p.m. local time or it will moved to tomorrow. If the game starts before 10 p.m., it cannot be played past midnight. Any game that starts and gets suspended tonight would be finished tomorrow weather permitting.

If tonight's game is postponed, the Commodores and Bulldogs would play two seven-inning games tomorrow. Any game played on Sunday must go five innings to be official.

Early indications project that rainstorms will continue throughout tomorrow.

Stay tuned to for more information later today.


  1. What about the tickets for the games rained out?

  2. Are Sunday's games still on?