Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Dores return to Hawkins Field Tuesday

by Barca Blog (Photo by SID)

The Vanderbilt baseball team practiced on Hawkins Field Tuesday afternoon, only two days after torrential rain flooded the facility and canceled the final two games of the Georgia series.

That's pretty astonishing considering the condition of the field on Sunday.

"Our damage was far less than what most had," said head coach Tim Corbin, who had to move yesterday's workout to the John Rich football practice facility. "We just had damages to the dugout and some equipment, but outside of that the field rebounded in a good way. It's just remarkable how two days of beautiful weather overcame one day of hellacious weather.

"The tarp was a boat (on Sunday). It was laying atop the water. You're talking about a tarp that's 160' x 160' that was just laying atop water. One of our coaches was up to his waste in water in left field. I think what could have been tremendous damage was really minimal when you think of about was out here in terms of the amount of water."

Corbin said Hawkins Field would be playable today if a game had been scheduled. The Commodores' next home game is Tuesday, May 11 vs. Louisville.

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  1. The field looks amazing compared to what it looked like on Sunday. Looks like a lot of hard work went into the clean up. Kudos to the person, people, whow gave Hawkin's Field a new life!!! A job well done.....