Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Football roster

by Barca Blog - I've been working on posting Vanderbilt's 2009 football roster on VUcommodores.com.

The first batch of updates are done for returning players with tentative changes made to numbers, heights, weights and positions. I still have to add their bios from the previous season. Also, please note that incoming freshmen will be entered in the near future.

Here is a list of tentative numbers changes that I compiled for returning players:

Player- New Number (Old Number)
Brandon Barden- 6 (87)
Michael Bryant- 75 (67)
Dexter Daniels- 18 (48)
Jermaine Doster- 26 (41)
Akeem Dunham- 3 (22)
Ryan Fowler- 48 (94)
Richard Kent- 94 (84)
Gaston Miller- 7 (27)
Micah Powell- 20 (43)
Tristan Strong- 32 (24)

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