Sunday, April 18, 2010

Update on Women's Golf at SEC's

by A. Boggs

Coming to you live from the NorthRiver Yacht Club, where the Commodores are in a dog fight for the SEC Championship. Most of the Commodores are through nine holes, with a race to the finish ahead of them.

Assistant coach Nicki Cutler and I sat on the number six tee box and watched all of our golfers play through. Cutler normally camps out at the par 3's to give her golfers some encouragement and in some cases, some much needed levity to their round. It's very interesting to watch.

Also had some very sporadic sightings of Coach Allen, who is darting from hole to hole on foot. Allen probably walks a couple of miles on these days, and in this case, over some very hilly terrain.

Should be an interesting finish to the day. We'll keep you posted as best we can for the end of the round. You can follow live scoring here.

Attached is a picture I took from atop the number six tee box. It's a beautiful hole.

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