Saturday, April 24, 2010

NCAA ruling on Corbin and Gray

by SID

Lots of questions about the official ruling and ramifications on last night's ejection of Vanderbilt head coach Tim Corbin and ace right-hander Sonny Gray.

Per the NCAA rule book after teams have been warned for throwing at batters (unsportsmanlike actions) and then hit or throw at them again- then at the umpires discretion- the pitcher will be ejected from that contest and serve a four game suspension. The head coach will also be ejected and suspended for the next game only. There is no appeals process to this ruling.

NCAA rule below:

A.R. 5—If a pitcher is removed from the game and receives an ejection for unsportsmanlike actions, the pitcher will receive a four-game suspension.

So this means, barring any rainouts/cancellations of games, Gray will have to sit out the final two Tennessee games, the Austin Peay game on Tuesday AND the Friday night game against Georgia. He would be eligible to pitch against Georgia next Saturday night at Hawkins Field. Editor's note: He was unlikely to pitch in any of those games anyway until next Friday night so in reality will miss one game. If this was last week, when we had two midweek games, he would have been eligible to pitch on Friday night.

By rule, Gray and Coach Corbin are not allowed to be in the dugout or in stadium while serving their suspensions.


A suspended person cannot:

a) Be dressed in game uniform;
b) Communicate with any team personnel or umpires;
c) Take part in any pregame activities at the site of competition; and
d) Be in the stadium or on the field once pregame activities have started.

Associate head coach Derek Johnson will continue to handle the pitching staff/changes, while assistant coach Josh Holliday will handle the offensive side of things. Corbin will make out the lineup as usual, while Holliday will take over coaching at third base and make in game adjustments.

If there are any questions regarding this, leave in comments and I will do my best to answer. However, per SEC rules- coaches, players and university officials are to refrain from criticizing game officials.


  1. I missed what happened... any chance of a video clip?

  2. why was the ut pitcher in the top of the 8th not thrown out when he hit connor harrell?

  3. What explanation was given for not ejecting the UT pitcher for hitting a Vandy player in the same inning as Sony, after both teams were warned?

  4. Who is "Sony"? But seriously, everyone knows that there has to be someone who starts a beanball war. The umpire has to have something to react to (ie: UT pitcher hitting Connor), the second guy is always the one caught. That is just the way the game is. I am just glad it is UGA and not a better team. Just flip Jack or better get, Taylor into the Friday night spot. Bump everyone a day. No big deal.

  5. These umps unfortunately got every close call wrong, and although their incompetece didnt affect the game, it will linger with VU through the absurd suspensions. First base & home-plate ump looked like they had never umped before, i hope it was just a bad night for them,

  6. This just seems so ridiculous after the UT pitchers had hit our batters five times, and also had thown wild pitches and in some cases, behind our batter. What is up with that? I do not understand how we got the ejection.

  7. Bad umpiring is part of the game and it sounds like a bad game according to the SID as the umpires blew it, but it was a blowout game. VU was on the winning end and tempers will flair in these situations. Put plainly, it's unfortunate, but Sonny's four game vacation, doesn't hurt. He just pitches on another day. I hate it when Vandy fans think that refs or umpires are out to get them. It is a self-fulfilliing prophecy for some reason. Same as those when the losses start mounting say, "Typical Vanderbilt." As a fan base, we need to move beyond it.

  8. Typical Vanderbilt or not, I do not understand why the UT pitcher(s) were not ejected for their hitting so many Vandy players. Intentional or not, it seems the bad umpiring was biased and we suffer, but won the game anyhow. Where was Pearl, barechested and painted up like a clown to cheer on his baseball team?

  9. "The umpire has to have something to react to (ie: UT pitcher hitting Connor), the second guy is always the one caught." WRONG - the warning was issued BEFORE Harrell was hit

  10. "why was the ut pitcher in the top of the 8th not thrown out when he hit connor harrell?"

    "What explanation was given for not ejecting the UT pitcher for hitting a Vandy player in the same inning as Sony, after both teams were warned?"

    The SEC doesn't allow umpires to be interviewed or discuss calls after game.

    The rule leaves it up to the umpire to decide if pitcher was throwing intentionally at batter. So based on this you can infer what he thought when Harrell was hit.

  11. Does this mean Sonny will pitch Saturday against Georgia?

  12. The warning might have been issued before Connor was hit, but SID is right. It is totally subjective. The umpiring crew has that right according to rules. Besides, all you have to do is look at the total number of times Vanderbilt is hit by pitches. Harris intentionally crowds the plate. If you don't think umpires know, you are worse than naive.

  13. It's not illegal to crowd the plate, just good baseball. So...I guess the umpires rule on what is or isn't good baseball and apply their opinions at their own discretion, huh? What happened to Sonny and Coach Corbin makes about as much sense as what I just said.

    Go Dores. Take three, let them cry.

  14. As a veteran college baseball observer, I watched as last night's umps bent over backward to excuse ut and place a huge gun to the vandy pitcher's head. The current penalty you can live with, however if he gets tossed again it is for eight games and for a third time, he is gone for the season. Vandy pitchers are taught and expected to pitch inside. Gray is now a marked man and could easily be set up to take the inside half of the plate away from him.

  15. more from veteran observer:
    SID you indicate that following a warning the NCAA rule makes an ejection "at the umpire's descretion" if there is a following incident. In fact the NCAA 2009-2010 Baseball Rule Book says:
    "g. Intentionally pitch at the batter;
    "PENALTY for g.—If the umpire believes such a violation has occurred, a warning shall be issued to the pitcher and both opposing
    coaches that future violations by any pitcher will be cause for immediate ejection of the pitcher and the coach from the game."

    While not denying that game officials are given wide descretion, the rule here does not provide that descretion as it clearly states, "future violations WILL BE cause for immediate ejection."

    The SEC may have tempered that in its officials case book, but according to the NCAA Rule Book, the decision was not right when the ut pitcher was allowed to stay in the game whether the umpire felt the action was deliberate or not.

    Now if they had ejected the ut pitcher, Gray's situation would not be changed. However because Tennessee's pitching staff and coach was given a break (no 8-game next time suspension pending for them), Vandy may have a valid entry to request relief from the SEC.

    Relief probably would not happen, but it would point out a basic unfairness in the umpire's actions.

  16. I thought things really got tough when Morgado through at Bryan's head when he was attempting to bunt. That was really dangerous, Bryan was lucky to get the bat on the ball.

  17. Just watched the replay on CSS and I'm even more p*ssed off now. What a horrible sequence of calls by the home plate ump. Don't even get me started on the chin bone strike zone.... If the umps are so protected by the league, how in the word do you exress your disgust with their performance. Just like anyone else, they should be held accountable.