Saturday, March 13, 2010

Stallings reacts to Mississippi State loss

by Barca Blog

Quotes from head coach Kevin Stallings following Vanderbilt's 62-52 loss to Mississippi State in the SEC Tournament semifinals on Saturday. For more reaction from the press conference, click here.

On the loss...

"We just got outplayed today, especially in close to the basket. They were much better than us. I thought our defense was good enough to win the game, but offensively we were never able to find a rhythm. We couldn't get any baskets, couldn't get to the foul line.

"We've got to figure out what it was we were doing earlier in the season where we were averaging 31 free throws a game, and now we can only average about 15. But we didn't do a good job. Really, just there wasn't anything about our game today that was like we wanted it to be or like we needed it to be. That's disappointing.

"I made some mistakes and screwed up at the end. I won't get into specifically what they were, but I made some mistakes, and it cost our team."

On Beal being on the bench coming down the stretch...
"No, I had subbed for him to give him a rest, and we started playing better. We just started playing better. I thought Brad gave us some energy, and putting Jeff on Bost was an improvement for us. Brad made a couple shots and pitched the ball ahead, and we got a dunk by Jeff, and we had some momentum going there. So it wasn't anything other than we'd just gotten a head of stride and were playing a little bit better."

On late turnovers and missed opportunities...
"We had the wrong guys doing the wrong games. Guys weren't really playing to their strengths, and that's my fault. It's my fault that I've got guys that will get themselves in the wrong position and in a position where they're not ordinarily successful.

"We made some turnovers. We took some bad shots. We got some balls blocked. I take responsibility for that because that could have been avoided if I had done a better job."

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