Friday, September 11, 2009

Don't sweat it

by Barca Blog - Redshirt sophomore cornerback Jamie Graham has played in some of the toughest collegiate sports environments, both on the gridiron and the hardwood.

So what advice does Graham have for the younger Commodores making the trip to Death Valley Saturday?

"The first thing I’d tell them is to try to control their sweat and put on a lot of deodorant because it’s a long day on the field," Graham joked. "You’re going to have fans yelling at you, and you might even get something thrown at you.

"There’s a lot of emotion that goes on when you play on the road especially at a place like LSU. You’ve got to be prepared for everything they’re going to throw at you. Not just what they’re going to throw at you physically, but how you can take things mentally. It’s a different environment and you have to be ready for it."

Twenty-four players participated in their first collegiate game in a Commodore uniform last Saturday against Western Carolina with seven of those being true freshmen (Zac Stacy, Warren Norman, Collin Ashley, Brady Brown, Eddie Foster, Eric Samuels and Trey Wilson).

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