Thursday, December 3, 2009

Stallings comments on Ezeli

by Barca Blog

I received a couple of emails from fans wondering why sophomore center Festus Ezeli didn't play in Vanderbilt's 89-83 win over Missouri Wednesday night.

No worries, Commodore fans. Head coach Kevin Stallings opted to sit the talented big man due to the Tigers' style of play, and not because of injury.

Stallings elaborated on his decision during his postgame press conference.

"The most enthusiastic guy in that locker room right now is Fes," Stallings said. "He's such a great teammate. It just wasn't a great game for him. Steve's (Tchiengang) been playing good in practice and this was a better game for Steve than it was for Fes. Saturday (against DePaul) will probably be a better game for Fes.

"It's nice to have some bodies and some options. It's nice to have guys that buy into the team concept and accept it. So, it was just my decision. Fes is fine and you'll see him on Saturday."

In five games this season, Ezeli is averaging 2.4 points and 2.4 rebounds in 11.2 minutes per game. He's second on the team with eight blocks.


  1. Not a comment about Ezeli, but why did Vanderbilt not change the game time Saturday from 3:00 pm?

    That happens to be the start time of the SEC football championship and it will have a devastating effect on attendance.

    Please help me understand this-thanks!

  2. My understanding is that DePaul was not willing to change the start time.

  3. Figures-a non football school from the Midwest just would not understand.

    I'll be there for about half of the game, but I cannot get my wife away from the Tebow show...

  4. Figures-they are a non-football school from the upper Midwest.

    I'll be there